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I could call myself a . But, that does not capture what it truly means for me. It means that I have found my vocation, immersed myself in a world of software engineering and done the impossible – pursued a career that I love! My work ethic demonstrate that I do not take this achievement for granted.

I am a full-stack .NET Developer with over 10 years’ experience. I am located in ChelyabinskRussia. I find software development a very absorbing area that has become a way of life to me. I am always engrossed in new developments and advances within this field of expertise. It intrigues and challenges me daily.

While my preference is for Agile developments based on Scrum methodology I am also very interested in Lean and Lean Startup. My main technical expertise is .NET (C#) but that is by no means the extent of my abilities. I was awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and have Microsoft Regional Director status. I am keen to push the boundaries of software engineering and am trying to share my knowledge on various areas of software and related tech.

My ambition is to build excellent premium software that will wow end users and leave a lasting legacy of quality in software development. I am unflinching in my pursuit of the perfect solution to every problem or project that I handed. The process of development is as enjoyable to me as the final finished piece and I will only find pride in my work if it is consistently high in both quality and functionality. I could not deliver anything that was less than one hundred percent satisfactory which is why I am proud of my work.



Web-applications based on Microsoft ASP.NET platform with modern responsive client-side layout based on Bootstrap.


Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 mobile applications as well as iOS and Android applications based on Xamarin.


Scalable high-performance cloud applications based on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services platform.


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