Gigs I've done to make the World better

I've worked on dozens of projects over the years, but most of them are under NDA. Thus, I've decided to list here only personal projects that I'm working my spare time.

  • PixelGrid

    The tool to overlap your website layout with a grid. It’s available for the most popular browser and as an npm package.

  • Yandex Cloud Function Router

    Node router for Yandex Cloud Function platform. It inspired by aws-lambda-router and simplifies the development of serverless applications for Yandex Cloud.

  • Magic Chunks

    Magic Chunks is a .NET library that allows you to modify the configuration files. It is useful to use tools like this during automated CI builds.

  • MongoDB Support for Hangfire

    Mongo database provider for the Hangfire project. It allows using MongoDB as storage while working with Hangfire tasks. I initially started the project and promoted it in the community. For now, it is a community-driven project.